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Metro Money Adds Red Hot TV To Its Webmaster Program juillet 15, 2009
Metro Content announced today that its adult IPTV/ VOD website, with its cutting edge High Quality Flash streaming IPTV format, is now available to webmasters. The site has experienced an over 52% membership conversion rate, with thousands of people having taken advantage of its limited free full access offer.

We have had a huge response to this member website stated Metros CEO Ben Jelloun, and we are confident that webmasters will experience high conversions. We are offering niche content channels with the added bit of social networking, which has proven to be a highly popular format for this generation of users. combines IPTV with chat capability and VOD into a single website. The 24 hour a day, pre-programmed IPTV guide gives viewers many options for viewing their favorite content. The VOD offers over 70 niches and over 10,000 movies for the user to choose from, along with full screen viewing and a choice of up to 4 streaming speeds. The programming is full of exclusive movies from Metros huge library, along with movies from other top adult companies, which includes award winning titles, with the top stars in the industry. A new API (Application Programming Interface) with a popular tube style format has been added for member entertainment, and to increase member retention.

We have expanded and improved our webmaster/affiliate structure, stated Mr. Jelloun, and will continue to release new and exciting technology and opportunity to our affiliates. In addition to RedHotTV, Metro Money also offers monthly promotions and bonuses, flash peel ads, iFrame tools, morphing RSS feeds, custom design services and more.

Metro Content produces and distributes adult movies, offering content for all platforms worldwide, including DVD, video-on-demand, web cam models, webmaster programs and more. For additional information, visit

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